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We started our first Long Term business in supplying Newsprint for the largest consortium from Canada called Export Sales Company who supplied from large producers Challenge, Canadian ForestResources, McMillan Bloedel, McMillan Rothsay and Crown Zellarbach to the largest Public Sector Undertaking namely the State Trading Corporation (STC) both on long term and spot basis.
We also supplied to all the major newspaper groups. Due to consolidation of newspaper industry globally, there were lot of takeover and mergers, most of the above producers merged with European suppliers. We are currently working with Malaysian Newsprint Industries (MNI). Exploring manufacturers from China, South Africa, Indonesia etc.


Had long term association with Export Sales Corporation (Canada), a conglomerate of Fletcher Challenge, McMillan Bloedel, Crown Zellarbach, Forest Resources and McMillan Rothsay for sale of newsprint to large number of newspapers in India through the State Trading Corporation. (a Public Sector Undertaking) on a long term basis and after decanalisation in 1992 to all the major newspaper groups directly.
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